Memorial Day weekend trip with family

HI everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. Taking organic chemistry and putting together applications for PA school will do that to me. For those interested in travel, I wanted to give a quick trip report on our trip into Abingdon, VA. My family and I stayed there to do the Virginia Creeper Trail. It’s a bike trail that starts at Whitetop Mountain, goes to Damascus, and ends in Abingdon.  We stayed at a place called A Tailor’s Lodging.

On our first day, we were fortunate enough to be in town on the one day of the year the city puts on the Plumb Alley Day.  It is a fair with lots of vendors.  Although most of the stations are personal yard sales, the proceeds go to charity.  That night, we saw a play at the Barter Theater called Educating Rita. It was a two-person show that was executed well. The next day, we biked the Creeper Trail in the morning. We were only able to get to Damascus, but the scenery was incredibly gorgeous. Parts of the trail intersect with the Appalachian Trail, and since it was the right time of year for thru-hikers to pass through this part of the trail, we saw a few of them.  The one caveat to the trail is that there are lots of rocks on it, and not everyone is safe when they pass you. However, I’d still highly recommend the trail.

The next day, we traveled to Grayson Highlands State Park, which offers several lovely hiking trails, some of which intersect the AT. We hiked the Twin Pinnacles Trail, which leads to the highest summit in the park.  The visibility was very far, and the views were amazing at the top. The trail is considered a moderate trail.

We went to two amazing restaurants on the trip: 128 Pecan and Wild Flour. We went to 128 Pecan for lunch and Wild Flour for breakfast. I had an amazing challah French toast platter.  Unfortunately, we were unable to go to any more restaurants because it was Memorial Day weekend. I have heard that there are many more incredible restaurants in Abingdon.