This Week So Far

Hello, dear readers!

I just wanted to give a little update on this week so far. It was a light enough school week (only two quizzes yesterday and one quiz today- you know you’re in PA school when you call that a light week) that I was able to go to the young Jewish professionals’ group’s version of paint night. It was very relaxing and just what I needed. Unlike other professionally put on paint nights that I have been to, and I’ve been to four of them, the artist that the group brought to help with the painting did not go through the process step by step. Fortunately, I had been to enough Paint Nites (not sponsored) that I knew the general process and was not completely clueless. To that extent, I was also able to help the person next to me in her endeavor.


I have photos of others’ paintings, but as I do not have their permission to post them, I will just leave you with mine. The artist’s design was great, though! For the hamsa, we did our own designs, and some people got more creative and did not use the skyline. One person even used his hamsa to draw his own face in!

Next week, we have a much busier schedule. The original schedule was supposed to be a midterm on Monday, two exams on Tuesday, and a quiz on Wednesday. Fortunately, our class has amazing officers, and they negotiated for one of the exams to be moved to Thursday instead. My boyfriend is also making an unexpected visit. He is trying to move to the area, and he got a job interview. Normally, he tries to get Skype interviews if he was not planning on visiting me already, but this particular company would not allow for that, so he has to spring for lodging and gas for the 6.5-hour drive that he has to make. I’m still happy to see him, though! Otherwise, we might have gone yet another two months without seeing each other.

As I mentioned before, I have fallen in love with the idea of sheet pan dinners. It’s so easy to prep everything, throw it on the sheet pan, put it in the oven, and clean up or study while it cooks in the oven. The cleanup takes so much less time as well. I have also introduced my mom to the idea, and I’m hoping it will save my parents time too (they both do the cooking). She has never in all this time heard of the idea. I personally saw it for the first time when one of my roommates made it for one of the dinners that we have together (I cook two nights a week and she cooks two nights a week for the both of us). Tonight, I made chicken thighs with potatoes, carrots, and onions. I got the recipe from here:  Here is my dish in the oven:


I noticed that readers really enjoyed my Blue Apron series, and hopefully, they will also want to read when I review Plated (not sponsored) in a few weeks. A couple of weeks ago, when there was the issue of cooking during my boyfriend’s visit here, my friend gave me not only a free Blue Apron box but a free Plated box so I will post my thoughts on that. I decided to redeem the free Plated box during a week when I could save money and have the time to cook. Have a great rest of the week and a good weekend!


PA school, SuperBowl, and Cooking


The finished product



I know it’s been a while. Currently, I am in Physician Assistant school. I started in October and am currently in my second quarter. Life has been mostly tunnel vision, as will be evidenced by my line of thinking as to why I will even be going to a SuperBowl party tonight. The classes I am taking right now are Clinical Assessment and Management I, Pharmacotherapeutics I, Medical Pathology and Genetics, and Clinical Laboratory Medicine. We have already finished three weeks in the quarter, and last week was already a stressful week. In addition, we have another stressful week coming up tomorrow: half of the class has OSLERs tomorrow, and the other half has them on Wednesday. (OSLERs are simulated patient experiences where we are given a chief complaint, and we need to do a full history and physical, order the right tests, come up with the right diagnosis, and prescribe the correct treatment.) On Tuesday, we have our first pharm exam, followed by a clinical lab medicine quiz on Wednesday, an independent study for public health that is the size of a paper due on Thursday, and a clinical lab medicine midterm on Friday.

So, my line of reasoning for going to a SuperBowl party tonight? First, I will get dinner at the party so I won’t have to worry about it. Second, it is being hosted by a classmate, and other classmates will be studying for the upcoming week, us being nerds and having no time, but still wanting to have a life. To bring something to the party, I decided to make monkey bread. So much of SuperBowl food is savory, so I wanted to make something sweet. I had seen Buzzfeed Tasty recipes for monkey bread and thought that the process wasn’t too involved.

I found the following recipe after going to the store and buying what I thought was everything I didn’t already have at home: and made it with a few modifications: I only used half of the butter for the biscuit dough and only half of the cinnamon sugar that was specified. I also didn’t peel the apples because I could be using that time to make flashcards instead. The first mistake I made was not tossing the apples in a brown sugar mixture, and when I tried sprinkling brown sugar on the top layer of the apples in the bread pan, it settled on the biscuit dough instead. The second mistake I made was that I did not buy powdered sugar for the glaze. Having cooked before and knowing what flavors worked well, I decided to go out again to the store, purchase some cream cheese icing, and melting it in the microwave to use as a glaze instead. We’ll see how it turns out. It’s the thought that counts, right! As I’m a graduate student, I would love to have tips on how to save money and time cooking recipes. I’ve already learned some hacks, but I’d love to learn more!