When I was younger…

via Daily Prompt: Hideout

My best childhood friend and I have known each other since we were 1. Our mothers met at a storytime group at a local library. It’s amazing to think that she will be getting married soon. What does this have to do with the prompt, you ask? I’m about to tell you about my childhood hideout.

Continuing in the vein of how we met, my best friend and I loved books. So, many times when she came to my house, we went to a hideout in my living room. In that living room was a couch that had an L-shape and enough space between the couch and the wall to house two young girls. We would bring books into the hideout and read; we were such nerds. Mostly, I remember bringing Berenstein books into that hideout, a collection inherited from my older brothers.

Fast forward a couple of decades later. We are still a couple of nerds. She is in a Ph.D. program, and I still have to ask her every time I talk to her what she studies because I keep forgetting. I think I remember it has to do with something along the lines of facial bones. We don’t see each other as often because we are now on different sides of the country, but every time we see each other, it is as if no times has passed since the last time we saw each other. As for me, I am in Physician Assistant school. With all of the technology, I wish that my proclivity to read hard copy books remained, and I am constantly working on ways to disconnect from my technology and read a little more.


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