Pros and Cons of Blue Apron Part III

Sorry to not update immediately! My boyfriend left yesterday, and we probably won’t see each other for another couple months. In addition, I had to prepare for the upcoming week. I also did not take a photo, and I apologize. On Sunday, we cooked chicken with kale, apple, and potato hash, which included red onions and a sauce.

I really liked the dish, although I still think that the pork dish was my favorite out of the three recipes. I’m not sure how partial I am to kale, and if I were to eat it in the future, it would have to be pretty concealed, which in this dish it was. As I said before, I’m appreciative of getting this meal kit so that I could try a couple new, different ingredients. At one point, my boyfriend had trouble with timing because he underestimated how much space the ingredients would take up in the pan. What I noticed about Blue Apron is how large the serving sizes tend to be. Maybe I will try FreshRealm because you can pick the exact recipes you want, and they have a lot of Cooking Light recipes on there, which is a magazine from which I love using recipes. Their ingredients are also presliced. Thank you for reading! Hopefully, in the future, I will cover topics like what life is like as a PA student, more cooking, and other topics.


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