Pros and Cons of Blue Apron Part II

Continuing from yesterday’s post, my boyfriend cooked cumin-crusted pork with farro and in a sauce with figs, red wine vinegar, and blood orange juice. While I liked the vegetables from last night’s dinner, I really enjoyed the flavor profile of this dish more. I really wish I knew what went into the cumin spice rub that was provided. Blue Apron did have to replace the fennel that was supposed to go in the farro with a sweet yellow onion because they claimed that the fennel wasn’t fresh enough. In addition to the onion that went in the farro, there were almonds in it.

One thing that I do like about Blue Apron is that it allows me to try new ingredients. For example, I found out that I liked figs in dishes tonight, and I will try kale tomorrow night. Otherwise, I wouldn’t try ingredients as easily knowing that if I didn’t like it, I would be wasting food and money. Although this dish was higher in calories than yesterday’s dish, it seemed to be healthier because the vegetables were sauteed in olive oil instead of butter, and the sauce did not involve saturated fats in it.


The pork turned out a little dry, but that is because my boyfriend is still working on timing in cooking, as am I. I wish they had provided more sauce, as it would have enhanced the dish more. Farro is one of my favorite grains because it has good protein and fiber to it. Any suggestions for dishes that involve figs in it now that I like them? Please comment below!


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