PA school, SuperBowl, and Cooking


The finished product



I know it’s been a while. Currently, I am in Physician Assistant school. I started in October and am currently in my second quarter. Life has been mostly tunnel vision, as will be evidenced by my line of thinking as to why I will even be going to a SuperBowl party tonight. The classes I am taking right now are Clinical Assessment and Management I, Pharmacotherapeutics I, Medical Pathology and Genetics, and Clinical Laboratory Medicine. We have already finished three weeks in the quarter, and last week was already a stressful week. In addition, we have another stressful week coming up tomorrow: half of the class has OSLERs tomorrow, and the other half has them on Wednesday. (OSLERs are simulated patient experiences where we are given a chief complaint, and we need to do a full history and physical, order the right tests, come up with the right diagnosis, and prescribe the correct treatment.) On Tuesday, we have our first pharm exam, followed by a clinical lab medicine quiz on Wednesday, an independent study for public health that is the size of a paper due on Thursday, and a clinical lab medicine midterm on Friday.

So, my line of reasoning for going to a SuperBowl party tonight? First, I will get dinner at the party so I won’t have to worry about it. Second, it is being hosted by a classmate, and other classmates will be studying for the upcoming week, us being nerds and having no time, but still wanting to have a life. To bring something to the party, I decided to make monkey bread. So much of SuperBowl food is savory, so I wanted to make something sweet. I had seen Buzzfeed Tasty recipes for monkey bread and thought that the process wasn’t too involved.

I found the following recipe after going to the store and buying what I thought was everything I didn’t already have at home: and made it with a few modifications: I only used half of the butter for the biscuit dough and only half of the cinnamon sugar that was specified. I also didn’t peel the apples because I could be using that time to make flashcards instead. The first mistake I made was not tossing the apples in a brown sugar mixture, and when I tried sprinkling brown sugar on the top layer of the apples in the bread pan, it settled on the biscuit dough instead. The second mistake I made was that I did not buy powdered sugar for the glaze. Having cooked before and knowing what flavors worked well, I decided to go out again to the store, purchase some cream cheese icing, and melting it in the microwave to use as a glaze instead. We’ll see how it turns out. It’s the thought that counts, right! As I’m a graduate student, I would love to have tips on how to save money and time cooking recipes. I’ve already learned some hacks, but I’d love to learn more!


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