So You Think You Can Dance

Hey readers!
I haven’t posted in a while because of family things and PA applications. Three days ago, I finally submitted my application, and I’m really excited about it. This post is about the show So You Think You Can Dance. For those unfamiliar with the show, it takes talented dancers and tasks them with dances in a variety of genres. I was unable to see the show when it aired last night because I was on call at the rescue squad. Most people wanted to watch Cops, but I got to see it this morning. Thankfully, I didn’t watch it last night because the results would have made me yell at the TV.
As a ballroom dancer, I keep getting frustrated with how the general public reacts to the genre. Because the top twenty did not have a night to showcase their own styles and immediately started competing, they were all put into their own styles in pairs last week. When I saw the videos last Thursday, I became fearful for the ballroom dancers. I had a feeling that they would be in the bottom this week.
Why, you ask? In the past, those who have done ballroom styles as their dance for the week tend to be in the bottom of the votes. I don’t know why the audience doesn’t connect to ballroom. It doesn’t have the emotional pull that contemporary or jazz does and doesn’t seem as overtly technical. It’s not as loud as hip hop. That is wrong, though. Ballroom may not have a specific story to it because it started out as a social form and not a technical form. However, each dance has its own character, and technique is incredibly difficult.
Unfortunately, my fears came to pass. Four out of the six ballroom dancers on the show were on the bottom this week, and two of them went home. And don’t even get me started on how the tappers or ballerinas aren’t going to be dancing their own genre again because it doesn’t happen during the regular show. A ballroom dancer hasn’t won the entire show since season 2. The audience needs to wake up and appreciate the ballroom dancers.