Great Passover and Year-round Recipe

I had to post this picture and the link to the recipe.


From Joy of Kosher’s website

I’m not a fan of goat cheese, but I loved this dish.  I guess it was the combination of ricotta and tomato as well that did it for me.  We were having company over, and she is a vegetarian.  I thought: vegetarian and Passover- what is my mom going to do, since I was at class when she arrived and could not help with the cooking.  The end product was this, although our presentation was not as good.

The reason I’m waxing poetic about this is because when you find a kosher for Passover recipe that you can imagine eating for the rest of the year with no modifications, then it is a good recipe.  Most kosher for Passover recipes, particularly those with matzah or matzah derivatives, are very dense and unappetizing for the rest of the year compared to their normal year-round preparations.  So, what I’m trying to say is, when you find a recipe like this, you hold on tightly to it! Enjoy!


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