This is my catharsis right now, as I just finished a lecture on sexually transmitted diseases/infections, complete with graphic pictures. Just a note: this is not intended to promote abstinence. Here’s the deal: STDs are ugly. Some that used to be able to be treated, like gonorrhea, are now largely resistant to several forms of antibiotics. The consequences can be disastrous: sterility and death, depending on the infection. In some cases for males, and even more for females, there may be no obvious symptoms. And, by the way, infected mothers can pass some infections on to their babies.

So, here’s the message. Stay safe! Get educated. Protect yourself from transmission of disease in all forms of sexual contact, including oral and anal. Get tested with a new partner. Treat treatable diseases to prevent spread. Transmission is easily preventable. Don’t get it in the first place! Didn’t mean to lecture or judge, but this is an important topic for me.


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