Great Passover and Year-round Recipe

I had to post this picture and the link to the recipe.


From Joy of Kosher’s website

I’m not a fan of goat cheese, but I loved this dish.  I guess it was the combination of ricotta and tomato as well that did it for me.  We were having company over, and she is a vegetarian.  I thought: vegetarian and Passover- what is my mom going to do, since I was at class when she arrived and could not help with the cooking.  The end product was this, although our presentation was not as good.

The reason I’m waxing poetic about this is because when you find a kosher for Passover recipe that you can imagine eating for the rest of the year with no modifications, then it is a good recipe.  Most kosher for Passover recipes, particularly those with matzah or matzah derivatives, are very dense and unappetizing for the rest of the year compared to their normal year-round preparations.  So, what I’m trying to say is, when you find a recipe like this, you hold on tightly to it! Enjoy!


Mindful eating

On Friday, I listened to a TED health talk about mindful eating. To see the talk, click on this website:  The concept of mindful eating is the concept that you only start eating when you are hungry and stop when you’re full.  Sounds like an easy concept, right? Wrong! (At least for me.) I really enjoy eating.  I love trying new combinations and different cultural cuisines (well, within certain parameters- no weird body parts, and no shellfish because I’m allergic).

If something tastes really good, especially if I’ve gone out to eat and paid for it, I want to just eat it all, no matter how full I feel.  Sometimes, I also feel hungry all the time, and I feel like I have to curb my hunger.  For a long time, I’ve constantly thought about food all day: What do I feel like eating? How long do I have to wait before it’s acceptable to eat something again? Am I eating the right things? Why do I feel hungry all of the time? If so, should I be constantly eating anyway? Why am I not feeling hungry at all? If so, should I force myself to eat anyway? This type of thinking drives me insane.

Sandra Aamodt says that the main reason diets don’t work is because when you’re not dieting, you binge on the forbidden food.  I am experiencing this right now because I am observing Passover.  Even though I do not usually eat lots of bread products, I am constantly craving them because it is forbidden to me right now.  I’m also craving the extra things that are forbidden during Passover, such as corn, beans, lentils, peas, rice, peanuts, and all of their by-products.  The concept that Aamodt is trying to push is to not feel guilty about occasionally eating the dessert.  She’s also not saying to not watch the quality of the food you’re eating.  The concept is to eat healthy, and the occasional dessert in moderation but to let your body dictate portion control.

She also says to eat without any distractions.  That component is difficult for me because when I eat alone, I tend to do things on my iPhone or occasionally read a book.  However, distractions  take your mind away from how hungry or full your body is feeling.  Aamodt also says that integrating these concepts takes a full year to achieve, and I now understand why.  So, in summary, I am trying to integrate these concepts into my own life.  I’m welcome to any thoughts.  Have any nutrition lifestyle changes worked for you.  Comment if you like!

Budgeting Ideas

Hi everyone!

I’ve been thinking lately about my current situation.  I am a post-baccalaureate student who is taking pre-requisites for PA school.  As such, I do not have money to spare.  In addition, I am finding myself having trouble balancing school and life because of said financial difficulty (not that I’ve ever spent that much in the first place).  When I had a least a little money, I would spend it on the occasional ballroom class and competition, and go out to eat once in a while.  Now, that is not the case.  I know that workouts can be done at home, etc., but I want some creative ideas on budget-friendly, aka, free date ideas, and things to do around a place, such as Richmond, VA. I just need some more variety. Thanks in advance!


Budget-conscious college grad in limbo


This is my catharsis right now, as I just finished a lecture on sexually transmitted diseases/infections, complete with graphic pictures. Just a note: this is not intended to promote abstinence. Here’s the deal: STDs are ugly. Some that used to be able to be treated, like gonorrhea, are now largely resistant to several forms of antibiotics. The consequences can be disastrous: sterility and death, depending on the infection. In some cases for males, and even more for females, there may be no obvious symptoms. And, by the way, infected mothers can pass some infections on to their babies.

So, here’s the message. Stay safe! Get educated. Protect yourself from transmission of disease in all forms of sexual contact, including oral and anal. Get tested with a new partner. Treat treatable diseases to prevent spread. Transmission is easily preventable. Don’t get it in the first place! Didn’t mean to lecture or judge, but this is an important topic for me.