Day 3 of Orlando trip and updates

Sorry to not have posted in so long.  I never updated on the third and final day of my Orlando trip.  My brother and I went to the Orlando Museum of Art.  The main exhibit we saw was the ancient Aztec art.  I love how detailed it all was, especially the pottery vessels.  On the way to the exhibit, we passed by the African exhibit.  I loved the patterns on the beadwork and the clay pots.  We also saw the Baroque paintings.  Because my brother covers exhibits quicker than I do, we covered a lot more of the museum that I usually cover.  That night, we went to his ping-pong meetup group at the Central Florida Table Tennis Club.  I realized that I’m better at ping-pong than I thought I was.  For dinner, we went out to a place called Hawkers.  It is an Asian street food restaurant.

In other news, my life is really off balance.  I am really doing nothing much besides studying for my classes, preparing to retake the GRE, planning classes for the summer and fall, and preparing to apply to PA schools. Well, my mom and I went to the Richmond Ballet’s New Works festival in which choreographers who have never created works for the ballet do so for the first time. I really wish that it wasn’t like this, because I feel like I have a one-track mind.  It is also counter-productive when I have no substantial breaks to look forward to. 


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