Hamentaschen Baking Issues

Next weekend is the holiday of Purim.  It is a Jewish holiday where we celebrate the bravery of Queen Esther of Persia, who saved us from the evil Haman.  In celebration, we eat triangle-shaped cookies called hamantaschen.  I didn’t want to do the completely traditional version with fruit fillings; I wanted a little twist.  Unfortunately, I think I reached a little too big.  I wanted to not only change the filling but change the exterior as well.  To change the exterior, I got a link that my aunt shared on Facebook:


The directions seemed easy enough at first.  However, there were some problems.  First, I read that the poster used a stand mixer to mix the dough.  We only have a hand mixer.  Before I realized it, I had put the frozen sticks of butter into the sugar and could therefore not soften them in the microwave.  That was a tedious process. During the process of dyeing the dough, I found that the food coloring was unable to diffuse properly into the dough.

Fortunately, the filling turned out well.  Tomorrow, my parents, boyfriend, and I will assemble and bake the hamantaschen.  I will share some photos from the adventure.  Additionally, I’m leaving to visit my brother tomorrow night and will try to post updates during the trip.  If you would like, you can share some stories about recipe problems and substitutions in the comments.


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