TV Show Review and Sochi Olympics

Hi everyone!

I had two tests this week for my classes: microbiology and anatomy and physiology part II.  One thing I like to do in my free time is watch the TV show “Cake Boss”.  I really like this show because there are so many positive aspects to it.  For one thing, the cakes highlighted on the show require structural and technical ingenuity as well as artistry.  Second, the show has a very positive vibe to it.  Sure, the family argues, but in the end, they are family, and they really appreciate and love each other as a family.  Plus, the head of the business really cares about good causes and is overall a charitable person.

Last night, I watched the qualifying rounds for slope-style men, freestyle skiing moguls for women, and team figure skating.  I really enjoyed all of the events.  Unlike the summer games, I really enjoy the winter games because I like watching the majority of the sports.  Summer game sports have mixed appeal to me, depending on the sport.  I’m really excited for tonight’s opening ceremonies!

The one thing I’m going to speak up about was the trash talking going on about one athlete pertaining to the men’s slope style.  For those who do not know, Shaun White has pulled out of all of the snowboarding events, except for the half pipe due to his recent injuries.  A couple athletes took to Twitter to opine that he pulled out of the slope style because he would be unable to win it.  This is unacceptable to me.  The Olympic Games should be about sportsmanship.  Also, I believe that injuries should be given time to heal.  It was also cool that three sisters were all competing in skiing together.  Out of the figure skating that I was able to watch, I enjoyed the Canadian pair the best.  Their routine was creative, and they were still technically very good.


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