Gluten-Free Tuesday: Funfetti Cupcakes

My mom’s gluten free. For my personal records.

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Easy and Delicious Gluten-Free Tuesday: Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe by Makeeze Recipes

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Gluten-Free Tuesday: Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe by Makeeze Recipes

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baking powder,almond extract,xanthan gum,icing,sprinkles,gluten,sweet rice flour,potato starch,vegetable oil,large eggs,salt,white rice flour,water,granulated sugar,vanilla extract,shortening

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Recipe: Spicy, Sweet ‘n Smokey Cowboy Chili

Looks yummy!

Your Spice of Life

It’s that time of year that this owner of a spice company looks forward to the most:  the annual Chili Contest at Catamount Ski Resort!


This great event brings together chili competitors from all over — home cooks, caterers, chefs, restaurants. It’s great fun but also a great cause, as both the competitor registration fee and the tasters’ entrance fees are donated to the Roe Jan Food Pantry.

According to Heather White, Communications Manager for Catamount,

“A total of $676 for the Roe Jan Food Pantry during the event, so please give yourselves a hand!  We had 95 people as taste testers, who voted for the winners.”


19 bubbling pots of chili were available for tasting this year.

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Orlando Trip is Coming Up!

Dear readers,

I’m writing this post because I would love to have some ideas from you!  My school schedule has been hectic because all of my tests for both of my classes are always on the same days! So, I am very much looking forward to going to Orlando, FL for spring break in two weeks to see one of my brothers.  What I would like from you is ideas about cheaper things to do in the Orlando area.  Disney is out of the question: I don’t have the budget for it anymore.  I’ll give you a list of things I’ve already done in Orlando to avoid repeats and to give you guys ideas of things I like:

Disney: Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios


Wekiwa Springs, kayaking and swimming

Seeing the manatees

Morse Museum

Downtown Disney

Walking around Winter Park and the boat ride


Walking around Sanford

Lake Eola park

Peabody ducks

New Smyrna beach

Sea World

Islands of Adventure

Please comment! Thanks!

Visit to Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The weekend after Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I went to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  This time, we went to the American wing of the museum and saw late-19th century to early 20th century.  What is great about the Virginia Museum, or at least the part of the museum we saw, was that was that at least part of the works were from artists who were either born in the area or who had lived in the area at some point in their lives.  The artworks also ranged from light, impressionist-type paintings to more bright, abstract works and dark colors.  For your viewing pleasure, I’m posting some photographs, and for the ones who are really into it, the descriptions of the artwork.









Of course, these photos are only a fraction of my photos, and my photos are only a fraction of what we saw.  What we saw is only a tiny fraction of the museum! The great thing is that the permanent collections of the museum are free, and we have a lot more to see! For more pictures and more advice on what to do and see in Richmond, VA, comment, and I will be happy to talk and send more photos!

TV Show Review and Sochi Olympics

Hi everyone!

I had two tests this week for my classes: microbiology and anatomy and physiology part II.  One thing I like to do in my free time is watch the TV show “Cake Boss”.  I really like this show because there are so many positive aspects to it.  For one thing, the cakes highlighted on the show require structural and technical ingenuity as well as artistry.  Second, the show has a very positive vibe to it.  Sure, the family argues, but in the end, they are family, and they really appreciate and love each other as a family.  Plus, the head of the business really cares about good causes and is overall a charitable person.

Last night, I watched the qualifying rounds for slope-style men, freestyle skiing moguls for women, and team figure skating.  I really enjoyed all of the events.  Unlike the summer games, I really enjoy the winter games because I like watching the majority of the sports.  Summer game sports have mixed appeal to me, depending on the sport.  I’m really excited for tonight’s opening ceremonies!

The one thing I’m going to speak up about was the trash talking going on about one athlete pertaining to the men’s slope style.  For those who do not know, Shaun White has pulled out of all of the snowboarding events, except for the half pipe due to his recent injuries.  A couple athletes took to Twitter to opine that he pulled out of the slope style because he would be unable to win it.  This is unacceptable to me.  The Olympic Games should be about sportsmanship.  Also, I believe that injuries should be given time to heal.  It was also cool that three sisters were all competing in skiing together.  Out of the figure skating that I was able to watch, I enjoyed the Canadian pair the best.  Their routine was creative, and they were still technically very good.