Baltimore Trip

Hi readers!

I would like to apologize for not posting in a while.  Working on my career has been taking up all of my efforts lately.  Applying for grad schools is a part-time job in itself.  All of the deadlines for application to PA school are at different times, even though the Centralized Application Service for PAs opens at the same time, and most admissions are rolling.  Additionally, a lot of strategy is involved in applying.  I have to retake my GR, and figure out which schools I am strong enough candidate for this cycle since all of my prerequisite courses will not be completed by the time of the application.  As if that wasn’t enough, all of the schools want a different combination of prerequisite courses.

On a lighter note, I traveled to Baltimore, MD last weekend to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and 2-year old nephew, along with my parents.  I hadn’t traveled there in a while, and the city has a lot more attractions than I remember.  If it had been warmer outside, then the list would have been even larger.  There is definitely more than a weekend’s worth of activities to do.  My parents and I visited the Walters Art Museum.  It is a very comprehensive museum that is great quality and free! We enjoyed the Egyptian section, the Chamber of Wonders, and 19th century art.

The other attraction we went to was the National Aquarium, which is amazing! We spent the entire day there.  It is very well run.  The main exhibit is organized by ecosystem.  It is designed to go in one direction with escalators that take you to the next floor.  In addition to the main exhibit, there is a pavilion with dolphins and a temporary exhibit.  The dolphin show was great because it was informative and not gimicky in the least.  Three volunteers (including me this time!) demonstrated the use of educative, interactive toys with the dolphins.  They showed their appreciation by splashing us! On another floor is a walk-through of an Australian habitat.  The temporary exhibit on display was about jellyfish.



Birds in the Australian exhibit


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