Happy New Year!

     I just wanted to take this post to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! My parents are going to a party and my boyfriend has a shift at his job, so my plans are a little low key.  I didn’t have much time to plan this year because I’m transitioning into a new job.  Over my winter break, I am doing self-study for a job as a scribe and working temporarily for my former employer.  Fortunately, my mom is awesome (and Dad too)! She just said my boyfriend could drop by after work and to get some “fun food” like fondue, and that we could all watch the ball drop together!! Some resolutions with the caveat that in order to work, they should be reviewed more than once a year:

Keep up my impeccable grades for my prerequisites

Do good work as a scribe

Maintain my ballroom dancing, even if it’s on a more recreational basis

Maintain my friendships, most of which are long distance

Help out around the house as much as possible

Be financially responsible: there’s not much room in my budget for extras

Lose weight (I know, so cliche, but it’s for health reasons)

It’s probably too many resolutions at once and not realistic, but I’ve got to put them all down anyway.

     So, any exciting New Year’s plans? Any resolutions to share?



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